• What Is East Side Tribe?

    Is it only for people who actually live in East Nashville?

    No! Ever since we started in 2017, our mission has been to help build Jewish life in a part of the city that doesn’t have formal Jewish institutions. But we sometimes hold events in other neighborhoods as well, and all are invited to join us, regardless of location.

    Is it only for people who are Jewish?

    No! Folks who are Christian, Muslim, non-religious, and other are all very involved in our community. Some come because they have Jewish partners or friends; others are beginning a journey of reconnecting with their Jewish family history. We ask that all members of our community, regardless of religious background, bring curiosity and respect for each other’s traditions.

    Is it meant for people of a particular age range or life stage?

    No! East Side Tribe was founded by a group of folks in their 20s and 30s, but we’re intentionally multi-generational. At any given event, you could meet singles in their 50s, interfaith couples in their 30s, and lots of very squishy babies.

    Is it a synagogue?

    No! We think of ourselves more like a chavurah. We don’t have many of the things you might associate with synagogues, like a building, a rabbi, or high holiday services. However, we love collaborating with the synagogues “across the river,” and many East Side Tribers are members of those communities as well!

    OK, so what IS East Side Tribe?

    We see ourselves as a connector and incubator of Jewish life in East Nashville. We want to connect our community to the amazing Jewish resources that already exist in other parts of the city. We also want to help Jews and Jewish-adjacent folks in East Nashville connect with each other, with their Jewish values and culture, and even with their spirituality, in whatever ways help them find purpose, meaning, and joy in their lives.


    We're constantly helping folks cook up new ideas. Want to plan a program? Start a series? Host a Shabbat dinner? Let us know.